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You don't see a lot of non-Asian girls going for Asian guys." "That's just like when they say 'yellow fever' growing up, it wasn't like all these white girls are going for Asian guys.

It was the Asian girls going for white guys," Lin said to a laughing crowd.

It was the Asian girls going for white guys.” However, Lin remains forward thinking and feels that times are changing and as long we Asian Americans just focused on being the best they can be in their craft, they’ll continue breaking stereotypes.

Asian men have been heavily emasculated in American society.

Liu Yun, a sociologist in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, who conducted a study on ABC marriages two years ago, said that more overseas Chinese have started to choose Chinese or people of Chinese origin due to the country’s growing international image.

With Asian males constantly emasculated in mainstream media, Lin shatters these stereotypes with his continued success in the NBA.

"Me and John were the fastest people in the draft, but he was athletic and I was 'deceptively' athletic.From an early age, he was told he needed to marry a Korean woman. Le thinks at least part of this is due to pervasive cultural stereotypes.So naturally, he rebelled.“I didn’t necessarily say to myself, I wouldn’t marry a Korean-American woman, but I definitely thought, there’s no way I am going to marry a women straight from Korea,” he said. You know them: Asian-American men are at best nerdy, at worst, neutered or not masculine enough. Le’s a sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.Le says that creates what he calls a “cultural penalty” in the dating world.

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