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All humans came through Noah and—prior to the Flood—ultimately Adam, which means we are all one family.

However, this also means we are all sinners and in need of Jesus Christ.

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But after the Tower of Babel, it becomes increasingly difficult to ascertain where everyone went.

Some consider it okay to date and have sex with multiple people without expectation of being exclusive. When two people go out on a date, the man traditionally picks up the woman at her home and takes her to a restaurant or event, such as a concert or a movie, etc.

(It is possible, however, for the two to just meet at a neutral spot, which is the better/safer choice if you’re dating someone you don’t know well.) To set the time for the date: Sometimes you may get asked out by someone you are not interested in. It’s not always easy or comfortable to reject (say “no” to) an invitation!

Generally, from the Middle East in the land of Shinar (modern day Iraq, where Babel was), Japheth’s descendants went toward Europe, Ham’s went toward Africa, and Shem’s remained in the Middle East, moving into the surrounding areas. For example, Ham’s descendant through Cush (Nimrod) remained in the land of Shinar ().

Also some of Japheth’s descendants remained in the Middle East (Madai's descendants became known as the Medes and were often associated with the Elamites—otherwise known as the Persians).

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