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Yet in the centre of this little scene there is one crucial factor that is often completely overlooked by both parties: the loudspeaker that is actually making all the noise.

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Beyond simply looking at the theory, I want to find out what different speakers sound like in practice.EVE offer an experimental analogue environment for music production and performance.In 2016, Gibson introduced another Pete Townshend Gibson Les Paul Deluxe series, based on Pete’s 1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top that he smashed at the Boston Gardens on 1 April 1976, and is now displayed at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.One of Townshend’s hallmarks as a songwriter is his use of intertwined electric and acoustic guitar sounds.When we talk about recording the electric guitar, we tend to focus first on things like mic selection, mic placement and how to position the guitar amp in the room, all crucially important parameters when it comes to capturing the sound we want.

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