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Following a limited launch in several non-seasonal markets, manufacturer Giti Tire has now released an initial range of 27 Sport Active sizes in all European markets.

Continue Reading Giti Tire has launched its latest product, the GT Radial Savero SUV, which arrives in Europe to meet the growing demand in the SUV and CUV segments.

Making sure your van tyres are in good condition is important to your safety.

A good set of tyres can help increase ride comfort, reduce noise and improve your var’s handling, braking and cornering stability.

The tyre has achieved B-grade wet grip across the entire portfolio, and grades between C and E in rolling resistance.

ECE 117-2 compliant, testing at Ivalo showed improved performance across wet and dry braking and handling against the existing product, the Maxmiler WT and two other leading manufacturer brands.

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Your Caravan Handbook usually quotes the tyre pressure for the original tyre size fitted and the caravan loaded to the MTPLM (Maximum Technical Permitted Laden Mass).

Giti Tire launched its new tyre for the van markets, the GT Radial Maxmiler WT2, at Reifen 2016.

The Maxmiler WT2 will be available from autumn 2016 in 20 SKUs in sizes between 14” and 16”, speed indices from Q-T, and load indices of 88/86 to 121/120.

The simple fact is caravan tyres often get overlooked and are not checked regularly.

On your tow vehicle, there is usually a sticker conveniently located in the door frame or fuel filler cap reminding you of the correct tyre pressure.

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