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Last month, the BBC explained how love has changed over the years. Future spouses could be found living around the corner.

Or at least in your part of town," the piece said, directing attention to a series of charts.

There was one about how close to one another people who ended up together used to live (the answer is very close).

Another about how the average age at which people get married has evolved (it has, as you probably know, been creeping upwards for some time).

But if men have such a tough time, why would they be making Excel spreadsheets to manage their numerous liaisons.

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Then for a moment, it becomes apparent that flying solo can be fabulous -- until it's not.

But how many dates do you have to go on to find “the one”? D., of Indiana University in Bloomington, and Geoffrey Miller, Ph.

And how do you know for sure that once you do meet Mr. Right, a more attractive, more compatible prospect won’t pop up right around the corner? D., of the University of New Mexico, used advanced computer simulations to determine the best approach to find lasting love.

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