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Sydney, July 11: Married GP, Nauman Zafar Khan, 41, of Pakistan descent used confidential records to send 120 text messages in one day to a female patient, 20, telling her he was ‘ready for her’ – and begged eight others for sex while his wife was overseas.

A tribunal has heard that the doctor looking for a ‘sexual companion’ while his wife was overseas.

Rafiq’s passion is to smile and keep happy himself and as well as others. Rafiq has a unique and natural edge in the field of Hypnotherapy. Rafiq is assisting clients in Lahore, Pakistan and offering Skype and phone sessions for out of town and International clients. While exploring the neuropsychological mechanisms of cognition, learning and memory, he realized the importance of the unconscious mind.

After his graduation in biomedical sciences, he went to Europe and did his European joint master in Neurosciences jointly by three European Universities; University of Strasbourg, France; University of Fribourg, Germany; University of Basel, Switzerland in 2009. Rafiq also got his Ph D in Neurosciences (Neuropsychology of Cognition) from University of Strasbourg, France.

i don't love my husband Printed From: Islami Category: Culture & Community Forum Name: Family Matter Forum Discription: Discuss Family Issues URL: TID=28883 Printed Date: 27 August 2017 at pm Salam! I will start from the very beginning so I can provide you with more info. Since I was in high school I had been getting marriage proposals from u.s and Pakistan.

My dad loves me a lot so he did not want to send me to Pakistan and I personally didn't want to go either.

Another fact is that I didn't want to get married yet at all but my mom was always worried about wat the society will say If I don't get married at this age.

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