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Since his work was excellent, he became the youngest permanent presenter on the commercial radio.

Then, he worked in the GWR FM Bristol for two tears.

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The 41-year-old DJ has laughed off the report, according to The Sun, and insists that his address was used without his consent.Occasionally you have trouble getting the legs apart on an ironing board'.I mentioned it live on air and we were all laughing.On Fridays, the show is modified with more music, in the form of the two features The Wonder Years, which features a different track from each sequential year to the present day, and Ready for the Weekend?which is an hour of dance music and remixes of current chart music. On Fridays, he used to open the show by using another catchphrase "it's only bley Friday" which is usually shouted very loudly in an incoherent manner to a backing of a random piece of classical music.

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